Satish Ryali

About Satish Ryali

Satish Ryali is a Batik Artist from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

His passion towards the Batik Art paved his way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Batik Painting in the year 2002 and into the National Limca Book of Records for the Longest Batik. Satish Ryali is also the recipient of the prestigious Karnataka State Award as early as 1996.

He learnt Batik while pursuing a Diploma in fine arts, in the year 1996, and has been practicing this traditional art form ever since. He also has a Masters in Fine Arts.

Most of his work is inspired by his surroundings, the environment, scenes of dance, nature & Indian Mythology. He often works on cotton fabric using dyes with the drawings that he makes. His early work concentrated on to get as much detail as possible by using different shades and colors. He is also experimenting with batik on paper, taking advantage of how the wax changes the quality of the paper and opens up the possibilities of collage and mixed media work.

With a creative mind, he starts by drawing a unique piece of art on a sheet of paper and then places it on a fabric of the desired size to continue with the process. A Batik creation of the art work usually involves 4 basic steps – drawing, waxing, dyeing, and scraping. It is a traditional art form that is very time-consuming and a tedious process, but the results are mesmerizing.

In his own words

"I would like to create a magical world with this Art Form. I persevere to explore and adopt various forms of art and showcase the same in Batik which would help me get more creative. I encourage all young children and adults to learn this beautiful form of art, as it brings in a sense of accomplishment, awe, joy, happiness and helps refresh our souls seeing the end results. My Endeavour is to continue practicing Batik and share my skill to help enthusiasts and artists to revive this traditional art form.

“It is the invaluable support of my family which encourages me to continue my passion"

Awards & Recognition:

Guinness Book of World Records for the longest mythology-based Batik art on Fabric in the year 2002.

Limca Book of Records for the longest mythology-based Batik art on Fabric in the year 2002.

Participated at State Level painting competition in Mandya regarding "50th Year Independence" and was awarded second place in competition.

Participated in painting competition held in Bangalore and was awarded a Certificate.

Participated in Mysore Dasara Exhibition in the year 1998-1999.

Participated in Camel contest in the year 2000.

Exhibited at Melukaluka Telugu Cultural meet at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.